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What are IE On-Demand Trainings?

IE On-Demand Trainings are an innovative way to provide your faculty and staff with a variety of professional development workshops with minimal impact to your budget.

When you purchase IE On-Demand trainings, we create a customized site for your institution which houses all of your trainings and handouts making it easy to distribute the trainings to others on your campus. Your site displays the expiration date for each training, so you know exactly how long you can access the recording.

Any new On-Demand Trainings purchased will be added to your institution’s page for easy access. For more information about IE On-Demand Trainings, please visit our web site, email us, or call 303.955.0415.

Problems accessing your IE On-Demand Trainings?

If you do not know your website name or you are having problems accessing your on-demand trainings, please email us or call 303.955.0415.

by Dr. Radut